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Thread: Checking Mulitple Hotmails?

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    What program can I install to check multiple hotmail accounts. I know Outlook and OE any others that will run on my desktop?

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    Incredimail, Opera...are few others.
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    I would recommend MailWasher Pro 3.1. This nice, little program will also bounce spam e-mail, so it looks like your address doesn&#39;t exist and they will stop spamming you. You can setup as many POP3 or Hotmail accounts as you want and you can check them all at the same time if you want. This is basically just a quick mail previewer but not a full mail client&#33; Check it out you might like it&#33;

    FireTrust MailWasher Pro 3.1

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    Mailwasher Pro is more of a spam filterer than anything else..and its probably the best at that..


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