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Thread: Giganews Hits 300 Days Retention

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    Giganews is making a significant announcement - they are the first to hit 300 days of retention. This isn't just announced retention or potential retention - this is the actual number of days that a binary post has existed on Giganews' news server. Not too shabby.

    Today's announcement is the latest in the heated retention wars. As server hardware has plummeted in price, the result is longer article retention. This means better performance and tight competition, which ultimately benefits the newsgroup community and customer.

    "Reaching 300 days of retention is a definite high-water mark for us and for Usenet as a whole," Philip Molter, CTO at Giganews, said, "As the industry leader, we are excited to offer such lengthy retention times to our customers, and we continue to work toward our goal of a full year’s worth of binary retention."

    Although Giganews may have reached 300 days, there's still stiff competition from Astraweb who comes close with 285 days. There's a tight race between the two. Despite slightly lower retention, Astraweb has the “cool” factor working in their favor thanks to high community praise and a reputation for excellent service. Today’s announcement should push the race even tighter.

    Source: Slyck
    Homepage: Giganews | Astraweb
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    Interesting news
    Impressive retention days...

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    wow , one year isnt far any longer

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    Newsdemon is up to 299.
    Just a few days behind giganews.


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