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Thread: Windows 98 To Me Upgrade

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    my friend gave me an old system of his which was "broken". I fixed it in a matter of minutes and now its running perfectly, but he did give it me so its mine now. anyway, its running windows 98 but only has 64 mb of ram right now (til i upgrade) so i don't want to go to xp yet. i downloaded the windows me oem but it said i can't install it i need the upgrade. does anyone have the upgrade?

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    What is "the upgrade"??

    If you want ME, then format and install ME. It's not compatible with win98, at least the first version.

    Me isn't much of an upgrade anyway. If you have win98SE, it's a much better system. From there, it's win2k. (which needs about 90 meg ram to run well)
    You say it's running perfectly, so leave it that way. Wait till you upgrade to screw with the OS.

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    when i run the installation it gives an error that says its not compatible and i need to get the upgrade.

    but you do have a point... i think i might leave it alone

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