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Thread: Homeworld 2 Help

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    i duno if im askin thsi right place but after i downloaded homeworld there was a bin and cue....i know how to burn bins and stuff but i never knew wat CUE are actualy for....what do i do with them how do i burn them...i have nero the latest one....

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    similiar ? i also dl'd homeworld 2 but didnt burn it. i mounted it on daemon and installed but when i open the screen to play it says that the wrong disc is in my drive? thedl i got was only one disc and not sure why this happened? thanx for the help.

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    you need a crack for it...its on the cd after u mounted it go on the virtual cd and tthen right click and open and then u will see a folder called crack copy the crack and then place it in ur homeworld 2 folder:

    C:/program files/seirra/homeworld 2


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    awesome !! thanks for the fast reply. i also have a dl called nocd and when i unzipped it it gave me a Homeworld2.exe icon. is that it?

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    also in reply to your question. you know the bin is what the cd would look like if converted to text. well the cue (sheet) tells how to copy or burn the image (in lamans terms )


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