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Thread: Study Identifies Keywords Hostile Countries Searching for on P2P

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    Study Identifies Keywords Hostile Countries Searching for on P2P
    Jun 5 2009

    Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia are using search terms like darpa, lawrence livermore, los almos, and photon research to name a few.

    ZapShares Inc., founded back in 2008 to help “improve the security” of users on file-sharing networks, today announced the findings of research it conducted that indicates computer systems located in Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia are scouring P2P networks for classified information that could place national security at risk.

    The research found offshore computers searching for, among other things, information pertaining to many principal United States national defense contractors, weapons system information, classified government documents, information that could be used to steal the identity of US citizens, and other data that could place national security at risk.

    Some of the search terms include: army, air force, bell helicopter, general atomic, general dynamics, general electric, lawrence livermore, lockheed, lo almos, mcdonnell douglas, norad, northrop, obama, photon research, radar, raytheon, stealth, and top secret among others.

    “What we found most alarming was the fact that a majority of these searches originated from Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia,” said Bernard Trest, President of ZapShares Inc.

    It also found that large numbers of people are inadvertently sharing personal tax returns, banking and other financial information, credit card information, and other data that identity thieves could use to steal a person’s identity.

    “We are very concerned regarding the threat that is posed to national security since individuals within countries such as Iran and North Korea are easily capable of stealing the identity of United States citizens,” said Trest.

    Just this past March it was discovered that a US Defense contractor leaked classified military information about Marine One, President Barack Obama’s helicopter on a P2P network. It was later noted that the data had been shared with computers having Iranian IP addresses.

    Source: ZeroPaid

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