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Thread: Any free 0day apps sources left?

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    I used to get complete 0day apps packs from usenet before. Newest applications were uploaded hourly on the binaries4ever newsgroup but now that I finally have access to usenet again I found out they no longer post such stuff there. I checked with a couple of usenet search engines like newzleech, binsearch, bintube but couldn't find anyone uploading all or at least most new 0day content.

    And now I'm wondering where I could get the latest apps in 'raw' / scene release format, i.e. not stripped/repacked/stuffed-with-trojans as you could expect from the bottom-of-the-foodchain blogs and forums.

    Anyone know of any irc channels or any other accessible source for the latest 0day apps?


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    Some of the better general bittorrent trackers have daily 0day apps packs, TL and TV, to name a few. Most of them are private though, so you need to be invited by someone.

    TV (Torrentvault) is a fairly new site that opens registrations every once in a while, maybe you can get an account next time they open. Or just head over to the Bittorrent invites forums and make a proper request.

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    Appz bitshock
    a new tracker concerning on appz

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    most trackers have 0-day packs, TL is good place to start

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I the meantime, I noticed Tazz is back uploading 0day apps for b4e. Lucky me.



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