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Thread: Upside Down Xmen?

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    Is it 'normal' to have avipreview flip a movie upside down before it is finished downloading or am I downloading a prank file?

    I want to finish watching xmen 2 cd2!

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    I wouldnt take my advice really seriously as i don't use it enough, or know its source code (avi preview), but i think its a bad should wait for more opinions though.

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    Well its not normal..bit avi preview anit perfect,but does a good job for checking fakes.If it is x2 just finish dowloading and it should be ok.It may be one of your codecs causing it to flip..xvid movie tend to flip about sometimes.

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    yes this is a problem with xvids,.. if you use the bsplayer... as the file is playing right click goto properties select xvid mpeg4 video decoder ..there is an option there to flip the file..just a little side note i've noticed a funny glitch with this if i want to reencode to mpeg(vcd) with tmpgenc sometimes it comes out flipped the opposite...I have to flip it back in bsplayer to get it to reencode properly..very strange..

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    Do a search this topic was covered before I can't be bother to find it but its there about 3 pages big, by the way he's using Avipreveiw not BSPlayer which as you pointed out does have its own problems with XviD files, still I find this a great player NOT one movie as got by it.


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