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Thread: What Am I Doing Wrong?

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    I hope someone can help me on this one. I have dl Windows Xp corp (pinned topic) and it works great...on Virtual PC 5.2. But everytime I try to install it to my actual system I get frequent crashes and errors saying "mmc.exe" or some other file could not be copied correctly because cd is not a valid XP image. Any ideas why I cant make it work?

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    You need to burn your XP as an image, (is it an iso?). Check the pinned topic in software world.

    A couple of threads if you're not sure how to do this:-

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    I thought it was implied that I had burned it.. guess not. I burned it in RAW DAO using Alcohol 120%.

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    Did you use Kazaalite to download it?
    It's probably corrupt.
    You should be using eMule or BitTorrent for disc image files.

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    Originally posted by tlavar@ 27 September 2003 - 09:48
    cd is not a valid XP image
    Here lies the clue, me thinks. You could try burning it again!

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    why does it not appear in virtual pc too then? Its using the same cd...

    Edit: I used ed2k the link at sharereactor to dl this

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    Virtual PC can install from an IMAGE . You need to burn the image to CD to be able to install it outside of a virtual machine. Use nero, don't burn as ISO or extract or any of that other nonsense. Just use the "burn image" menu.

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    Acohol has a known protection sceme that if you use particualar cracks or serials (which i believe were released by the Alcohol company) that it will burn cds fine but every now and then it will cause frozen frames if say copying a vcd or will corrupt some files on the cd, Virtual pc may not be useing those particular filles dureing install as it is virtuall and uses it own driver for alot of things i would try to burn the image with another Burning proggy and see if it works then

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    the file may have got corrupted while you was downloading or it maybe corrupt it self? where did you get it from?

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    OK, I used Nero, burn image menu to burn the Windows XP home Edition ISO file. I
    opened the file, could only see it in "all files" and burned the image- (nero to me the
    file size was incorrect and I told it to ignore. The cd burn successfully according to nero.
    I put it in the computer to run it and I get "windows does not recognize format. I must be a king sized idiot. HELP!

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