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Thread: Shifting Source Of Dls

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    A friend has given me permission to put my files onto his hard drive 5gbs.
    this will allow me to burn and store so as I can do some maintenance on my laptop.
    We are using WS_FTP Pro and I will also go and hook up to his system with my lynxsys cable later today or tomorrow. My ? is can I make those files available, in a safe way ,for others to dl from his pc so as to continue sharing. Also what do people think of the program we are using. And lastly can someone point me to somewhere where i can learn how to use bittorrents.

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    Just install Kazaa Lite on his computer and put those files in the shared folder.

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    Forgive my apparent crassness in these exchanges but I have no fear of the knock on the door. Beacause they cant sue someone who is OFFICIALLY poor. Plus I live in the UK where the RULES are incredibly easy to manipulate

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    you can download files on > #pr0stars and pr0stars-xdcc


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