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Thread: Windows Bittorrent client with better caching than uTorrent?

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    uTorrent is a very good and reliable torrent client, I have been using it since the earliest versions. But while the caching feature never set the world alight (there always have been more efficient clients for very fast pipes, e.g. seedboxes), it's plain unusable for very large files, e.g. HD movies that are not rar'd.

    The combination of large files, the "pre-allocation of files" setting and high speed internet access leads to disk overload almost guaranteed at the beginning of the download (the buffer runs over after a while, depending on the size)), especially if you don't have state-of-the-art storage hardware.

    So my question is: Are there any other windows clients, bar resource hogs like Azureus (Vuze) or banned ones like Bitcomet / Bitspirit etc., that handle this more efficiently? Before I waste my time testing a couple of clients (Deluge would probably be the first), I'd like to hear the community on this.

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    i have the same problem,but deluge is not the answer.With utorrent i seed 40-50 GB per day for 600 torrents.Now with deluge i upload only 10-15 GB with the same torrents

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    I see, thanks for the input gpm. But does Deluge solve the caching problem at least? It's still a fairly new client, and those "seeding problems" could be solved with time.

    The uTorrent caching limitation, so to say, hasn't changed in ages...


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