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Thread: This Is Really P***ing Me Off

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    HI.. This really bugs me...I made an animation in After effects...My cd writer was down.. So for security I sent the file to a friend...only about sixeteen megs.. anyway you guessed it... My whole drive needed formatting... I checked they still had the file and other stuff...
    All up and running fine now. They sent me the file. Now I want to work on it some more.....
    I tried most everything.. old version of Virtual dub that opens asf files... and changed the four cc can get sound in image editors if I do that but no pic... NO way am I going to use Windows movie maker...
    Its my bloody film and now microsoft wont let me finish it....If anyone is a bit hot on file formats and codecs and stuff I really would appreciate some help here.
    Below is a read out from g spot

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    EO Video can read any video format..
    You can import and extract in it.
    EO Video homepage


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