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Thread: [REQ] Pretome

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    Hi guys.

    Can't afford to pay for a seedbox each month any more so I'm stuck with my home connection which maxes out at about 45kb/s upload. I wont be able to survive on any of my current trackers, so I am looking for one that's a bit easier.

    After looking into it pretome looks like a good option, as it is ratio free. Chances are I wont be able to seed stuff back with my crappy connection, so my ratio would just plummet on other sites. Pretome just requires that I seed everything I download for a minimum of 60 hours. I can handle that.

    I've had a search around the net and can't find any working registration keys so if anyones feeling generous, I wouldn't mine an invite.


    Here is my speedtest (bare in mind that I was seeding at the time):

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    Sorted, thanks.


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