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Thread: down?

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    Is it just me or is down since a couple of days?

    My box is still running, but I'm worrying that he's out of business.

    Anyone know?

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    Still down.

    Trying to contact owner by e-mail..

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    ant luck contacting him? my box is still running at full speed but unable to reach

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    No, only tried but no answer.

    I've lost my box now, but I've been there one month which is all I've payed.

    Need to find a better reseller now. Maybe or xirvik?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcarl View Post
    Need to find a better reseller now. Maybe or xirvik?
    Can't comment on, but we (xirvik) pay for our servers for the same term our customers pay us... so if you prepay a server for 3 months we pay kimsufi (all providers for that matters) for 3 months too on the very same day.

    As everyone else, we can go out of business - but we definitely won't leave any user with a paid server he can't use.

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    my account at expired two days ago. but still my server is online. every thing works fine. i'm not complaining, just would like to know what is going on with seed4speed...
    any one knows anything?


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