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Thread: Final destination

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    remember the final destination movies?
    well what do you know,an italian woman who arrived too late to board the ill fated air france flight 447 has since died in a car crash.Its the fastest trending story on twitter ATOW with some people saying "if your time's up its up" and some even bringing destiny into the picture.

    More here:

    Am just from listening to a very interesting townhall on this and among other things there is this lady who phoned in,she had an experience with fred west(the british serial killer) and according to her the circumstances with which she escaped from being a victim can only be explained by fate.
    (you can get the podcast here if interested

    Personally i prefer to think that what's meant to happen is eventually gonna happen,good or bad.And this misfortune isn't doing anything but cement my belief in fate.
    So what do you guys think?i hear there are people who can even explain the holocaust in this context.

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    interesting post.
    /me looks for the podcast.

    Things like these fall under the domain of chaos theory.

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    For every 1 case like this, there's about a billion cases not like this. You just don't hear about them.


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