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Thread: Probably one of the worst robberies in boxing history

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    Did you guys see Clottey vs Cotto? I can't believe the judges gave it to cotto and scoring it the way they did. It was really a shame

    HBO favored Cotto even when they showed the highlights. They only showed what cotto landed and nothing that would make clottey look good

    They gave the guy no credit whatsoever
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    Oh, please...
    Well, it does come down to preference, but I'd have called it a draw, at best, for Cotto, though I wonder why Clottey wasn't able to take better advantage of the cut; Cotto had something to do with that.

    The announcing crew for HBO began to openly discuss Clottey's chances should the fight go to a decision in, what, the second, third rounds?

    The judge (Tom Miller) who scored it 113-112 (Cotto) was the only one approaching a sane verdict.

    I guess that means it's cheaper to marginalize the judging than hire a fighter to eat some canvas.

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