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Thread: Gba Roms

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    Oni Eclipse
    I usually go to Advance Power for the latest ROMs but they're having some problems. I did know an FTP but it won't work for me for some reason. I can't find anywhere to download GBA ROMs. Can someone please tell me a decent site that doesn't have loadsa stuff you gotta download or pop-ups or stuff like that that has most GBA ROMs and updates frequently. Thanks.

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    dowload it off of kazaa. thats what I do concidering the forums got deleted. damn noob.

    plus the FTP site you have works for me. they just disabled copying and pasting. could be a proxy problem

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    Dude your joking GBA are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy to find try here i'm sure you will find 3/4 have em is also a site that should have heaps of them that work...

    I'm a CPU n00b i just don't get how you can not know where to get em !


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