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Thread: Ogg Files?

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    i recently downloaded the new limp bizkit album off supernova

    and when i came to try and listen to the songs it says that there in Ogg files

    what thing do i extract them with cause i got no clue



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    Ogg files are audio files, like mp3 or wma. You can play ogg files just like mp3's but you probably need a plug in. What type of player are you using?

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    Winamp has native support for ogg, along with a couple other players.
    Try winamp 2.

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    Media Center and Media Jukebox also support ogg.

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    get it in MP3 format, OGG is not so popular, and may cause problems.

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    Originally posted by September 2003 - 18:27
    get it in MP3 format, OGG is not so popular, and may cause problems.
    It won't cause any problems. It is just an open source alternative to mp3 or other popular formats. The only problem you may have is that most portable players don't support ogg, as far as I know.

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    Just get audio conversion wizard it has a trial but just use that and it will do it quick and easy for u.


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