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Thread: Any Jimi Hendrix Fanatics, Collectors?

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    Jan 2003
    Bellow follows my Jimi Hendrix collection that I've ripped from cd or downloaded (except for the videos, which I havn't ripped yet). I have more on tape/cd but havn't got round to them yet.

    Official Albums
    Are You Experienced?
    Axis: Bold As Love
    Electric Ladyland
    Band Of Gypsys
    First Rays of the New Rising Sun
    South Saturn Delta
    BBC Sessions (2cd)
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
    Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set (4cd)


    1968 A.D.
    A Session - Jam with Traffic
    Acoustic Jams
    Ball and Chain
    Band of Gypsys Rehearsals
    Basement Tapes
    Black Gold
    Box of Gypsys
    Calling Long Distance
    Crash Landing
    diamonds in the dust
    Eyes and Imagination
    First Rays of a New Rising Sun Sessions
    Get the Experience
    Home Recordings
    Mixdown Master Tapes
    Multicoloured Blues
    paper airplanes
    Kings' Jam
    Paper Airplanes
    Rainbow Bridge
    Shokan Sunrise
    Sotheby Private Reels
    Studio Haze
    Summer of Love
    Unsurpassed Studio Takes
    Woodstock Rehearsals


    Live Concerts
    02.09.1966 - Live in Stockholm Sweeden
    04.02.1967 - Live at Flamigo Club
    18.06.1967 - Live at Monterey International Pop Festival
    22.12.1967 - Live in London, Christmas on Earth.
    29.01.1968 - Live at Parris Olympia
    06.03.1968 - Live at the scene club new york with jim morrison
    07.03.1968 - crosstown traffic dallas
    17.03.1968 - Live at Café Au Go-Go
    04.04.1968 - Live at the Generation Club
    11.05.1968 - Live at Fillmore East
    03.08.1968 - Live in the Moody Coliseum, Dallas
    03.09.1968 - Live in Copenhagen
    10.09.1968 - Live at Winterland
    11.09.1968 - Live at Winterland
    12.09.1968 - Live at Winterland
    12.09.1968 - Live at Winterland (alan douglas release)
    16.11.1968 - Live in Boston Gardens
    01.12.1968 - Live in Chicago, Illinois
    09.01.1969 - Live on the killing floor stockholm, sweden
    22.01.1969 - Live in vienna
    24.02.1969 - Live at the Royal Albert Hall
    18.04.1969 - Live in Ellis Auditorium Amphiltheatre, Menphis
    24.05.1969 - Live at san diego sports arena california
    17.06.1969 - Live at Rhode Island Arena
    20.06.1969 - Live in Newport
    22.06.1969 - Live at new port festival jam session 'earth vs. space'
    29.06.1969 - Live at Denver Pop Festival, Mile High Stadium
    18.08.1969 - Live at Woodstock
    30.12.1969 - Live at Fillmore East
    25.04.1969 - la forum
    16.05.1970 - Live at temple stadium philadelphia
    30.05.1970 - Live at the berkeley community theatre
    13.06.1970 - Live at Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland
    17.07.1970 - Live at Downing Stadium
    30.07.1970 - Live at maui hawaii
    04.08.1970 - Live at Atlanta Pop Festival
    30.08.1970 - Live at the Isle of Wight
    04.09.1970 - Live in Berlin
    06.09.1970 - Live at the Isle of Fehmarn, Germany
    1970.09.16 - Live at Ronnie Scotts Club

    Live at the Royal Albert Hall
    Live at Island of Wight
    Live at Maui (Rainbow Bridge)
    Live at Woodstock
    Live at Fillmore East 69'
    Live at Atlanta Pop Festival
    On The Dick Cavett Show
    Live At Monterey
    Jimi Plays Berkeley

    If you are a Jimi Hendrix collector, please post a list of cd's you own. Then perhaps talks of trades via soulseek can go underway. If anyone wants more details of the above (quality, date, who appeared in sessions or song information) then don't hesitate to ask. If you just want rare or official Jimi Hendrix, come along to SoulSeek kfl MusicWorld room and give me a private message. Read Guitar-Slinger's post: here concerning it. My soulseek name is (case sensative) EzyRyder.

    I update the list with the more I rip or download

    last update indicated bellow by edit date.

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    Jan 2003
    **** shamless bump.

    I am looking for Jimi hendrix Ronnie Scott Club preformance, dated 16th September 1970. His last appearance in the public domain. This wasn't a concert, but a Jam Session at a Jazz Club in London.

    Again, if anyone has bootlegged cd's who want to have an mp3 trade, come onto soulseek KFL MusicWorld room. User name (case sensative) EzyRyder.

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    yeah its gonna be hard to find


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