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Thread: Files With "sharereactor" "razor911"...extension

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    "Deviance.ShareReactor", "Fairlight.ShareReactor", "Razor911"
    I wondering where those files with these extension come from,
    any1 has any idea pleas let me know, thankz alot

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    there release groups that leak game/software.
    (would that be the right way to put it?)

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    how do they "leak" the game do they like work for the company and then backstab them and put the game online?

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    well maybe not leak in all cases. halo for example i guess you would say is leaked since it isnt "officially" out in stores but the full version is out to download. and the beta was out also. but others games that are already released i guess u would just say there a release by that group, i dont know what else to call it just a "release" as for how its done, i dont exactly know everyone has there ways i would imagine.

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    Deviance and Fairlight are groups that crack the protection and leak games before there official release e.g. they get advance copys from people in the industry or from employees in cd pressing plants.

    Sharereactor is a site for the edonley/emule network they get these releases usally from IRC then apply the sites name, some groups are asocited with the site most are not.

    The site is one of the best out there with hashes for everything from games, movies, tv and so on.
    But you will need a program like emule or shareaza to use the hashes, i myself prefer shareaza

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    well put i was at a loss for words i guess lol

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    fairlight is my favorite

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    dont forget about good ol class and backlash

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    Yeah class and backlash are groups that release rips of games, for 56kers.

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    like u say, there some group tat release rip games, so were can i find them, and do i hav to pay 4 them or just free stuff?

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