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Thread: Req- Coexist and HD China

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    Hey guys, I am requesting these two sites because movies and music are my biggest hobbies. Although I have other sites where I can get both music and movies, I am a perfectionist and like to have access to as much material as possible. That is the honest truth. I don't need these sites but want them because of any unique material they offer. I am on many other private trackers and know the system very well. I will post 2 ratio proofs below:

    I will be happy to submit more proofs upon request and answer any other questions that may arise.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I can help you with CoExist. Send me direct profile links to 4 well known trackers via PM. Further, would love to see the same username on the trackers.

    invitation to CE sent!
    Edit your post accordingly!
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