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Thread: Knights Of The Old Republic

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    can i find knights of the old republic on kazaa lite??? if so wat should i search under?

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    Just "Knights of the old republic" or "KOTOR". Unless you're looking for the xbox ISO, there is no PC version of the game (and i don't think bioware has any plans to port it yet).

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    i read somewhere on that they will be porting it to the pc. not sure if that's a good source for this info. anyways, this is one game that i actually paid my money for (xbox). it's the greatest game ever!!!! , i've played for 3 hours now, and i still haven't gotten off Taris, i'm in the sewers looking for that wookie. any tips guys?

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    its coming out for PC on november 15'th

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    Originally posted by Monkeee@28 September 2003 - 03:50
    its coming out for PC on november 15'th
    Wow thanks! I've got to get this on pc, modding this game would be great!!!


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