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Thread: Problems With Driver And Directx 9

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    please help....i recently (26/09/03) downloaded and update for my video card - nVidia Geforce2 MX 400 from windows update website nVidia display graphics driver released 28 july 2003...45.32....I have directx after reboot i open up vice city or any game that needs dx9 to run and i get an error saying d3d9.dll is either damaged or corrupt......i opened up directx diagnostic tool and on the display tab i see that now my card only supports dx7 or higher where as
    before it supported dx9 or higher.....i have tried rolling back the driver and i get the same problem...and i have also uninstalled dx9 and replaced it with dx8.1 from my xp home cd...same problem....i have also downloaded the detonator pack from nvidia website same 45.23 and installed it......

    should i unistall the driver completely???

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    i'm not a nVidia user, yet maybe this helps

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    I would...and I NEVER install driver updates offered by Windows Update.
    I don't update drivers unless I'm having problems, or if they offer significant functionality that I need/want...
    and then I'll get the driver from the manufacturer.

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