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Thread: Kvcd

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    i have just heard of this kvcd format whic is supposably make it possible for u to have a 120 mins mpg file on a 80mins cd. i am a totaly noob to this and if ne one out there knows how to convert vcd to kvcd using tmpgnec plz tell me.

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    or just search the forum...
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    Plenty of info here

    And you&#39;ll need templates for tmpgnec.

    Muchspl2 has also posted a guide to using program that will do everything for you.
    I prefer to do it myself though.

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    acp, thats the easiest
    if & when you master that look into avsynith scritping with filters
    avsynth is a very powerfull program that seems no one uses, well the masses anyway.

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    I use scripts.

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    @callum, i tried going to there forum but i didnt think they know how to speak in english ( too much tech talk there made my head hurt) they tell me the answer to my prob. but it was too technical for me to even understand.

    so if i just use acp, then i can fit a 100mins onto a regular 80mins cd right?
    so all the movies i conversted to mpg that would usually take 2 cds would now only take one cd right?

    i tried doing it myself using the script but i was lost after converting the audio into mp2.

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    another thing, when i click start on acp... i know its encoding the video w/ tmpgnec becuz i see tmpgnec using all my cpu in the task manager but tmpgenc doesnt show up on my screen. i am those type of ppl htat ask "are we there yet?" on a road trip and i would like to see a progress bar. is there ne way i can do this

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    btw, is there a diff. between kvcd and xvcd?

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    1st post: I don&#39;t know about acp I never used it but it should work.

    2nd post: Tmpgenc shows a progress bar in blue right over the movie just maximize it, u should be able to see the movie frame by frame.

    3rd post: Yes, there is a difference just go to there websites to find them out.


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