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Thread: Divx To Dvd

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    I just bought a dvd writer and was wondering how best to encode divx to play back on my dvd player, is svcd the best I can manage or is their a dvd fformat which I could convert them too which would give better quality

    Suggestions on programs to use would also be helpful

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    well svcd is the best but could be 3 disk for close quailty, then kvcd witch is great @ even better is it will fit the whole movie on a cdr

    gordian knot seems to give the best results, but not noob friendly

    if you want a quicker I step program (lower quailty)but stilll very good
    supper dvd ripper
    it willl do everthing, but I wouldn't let it burn your cdr, I'd let nero do it, but thats just me
    got a trail, and can get it on kazza after 30

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    No I dont want to burn to cdr, the disc quantity doesn't matter I want to burn the converted film to a dvdr so I want to convert to the best quality easily recognised by most domestic dvd players

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    just remember you can't make a movie/avi better
    only as good as the copy
    so get the best you can get

    sorry, misread, but if you real good, kdvd will give you 10+ great quailty
    but look @ got some great guides

    you need a authering program
    check tmpgenc dvd
    should have it @ my sig
    cd[r] programs
    got alot of other stuff, what ever any one recomends they should have it

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    yea.. sucks when the sharer of the movie compressed it too much.
    It's all skitchy skatch when u watch on dvd.


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