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Thread: Getting really slow speeds on my seedbox, please help!

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    Linux VPS-2
    20 Gb Disk Space Fast Setup - hosted on 100/100Mbit Lines
    400 Mb RAM
    XEN Based VPS (full root access) no setup fee, 20 Per Month
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    2 IP's Included Excellent value for money you could setup :-
    VPS Control Panel Shoutcast VPS or Sell Web Reseller Accounts
    VPS Reboot Via Control Panel Offsite backup solution or maybe a mail server
    Choice of Linux OS (Distro) FTP Server and lots more.

    I bought this, it has torrentflux installed on it. I am getting crap speeds though, and I know its not the tracker.

    I'm getting at most:

    2,000kb/s down and 50kbps up.

    I was hoping for 10mb/s up and down!

    Anyone know whats wrong. Have I chosen a bad seedbox. Any settings I should know about in torrentflux? Any advice/tips/comments appreciated!


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    on a vps you won't get 10 mb up, it depends on how many ppl share it!!

    from the specs given run few torrents , and you getting 2mb down which i think is decent for a vps , i think the up would be the same of amx 2mb .try a torrent with good amounts of peers from a good tracker.

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    @lehaans: you are possibly right that the VPS's are sharing 100Mbit among the VPS-host yet there are setups to be thought where the host is Gbit and it has 9x 100Mbit VPS. But indeed, probably not for the price mentioned by the topicstarter.

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    the only vps on which i have seen 20mb up once was from feral hosting on 1gbps port , 20 mb down and 15 to 10 up is common there.

    this one is on 100 mbps server, just checked their site.

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    Oliphillips are you based in the uk?

    You can get a dedicated server from kimisufi for 23

    Lose torrentflux and switch to utorrent or rtorrent and you will get 11MB/s up and down.


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