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Thread: Hardware Install Question

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    Hi i just got a new AMD K7 2600 and also a cooler fan both of these i have never fited myself but it looks ok. When putin the AMD chip onto the board how do i no what way to put it? also how easy is it to fit the cooler fan? both of these are the only 2 things i have never done so any help would be gr8


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    Apply the thermal paste or thermal whatever you've got according to the instructions then look at the pin layout on the bottom of the chip and there should be one corner with a pin missing, likewise on the board socket, lift the lever, line them up, put it in and lower the lever. The heatsink probably has one flexible side where you attach it and one fixed, apply the fixed side first and with a flathead screwdriver CAREFULLY, (it may be quite stiff) push downon the other side, make sure the screwdriver is secure otherwise it'll slip out and scratch the motherboard maybe buggering it up.

    Thats what i remember doing theres some more info maybe you should check that as well

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    Thats gr8!!! thanks loads!!! and also thats a gd link

    Thanks again

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    A word of caution. Do NOT use both thermal paste & a thermal pad together. It's either or not both.

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    Thot I would say thanks loads guys for the help....fitted it yest and its runnin GR8!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks again

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    Now you'll have to get the system monitor prog and give us some temps.
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    I absolutely hate installing heatsinks. They scare the crap out of me.


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