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Thread: Vice City Online.

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    Its here.

    Im dling now.

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    Care to enlighten us please?

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    Hey, that looks like MY hand on your ass Wizzandabe!

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    Originally posted by Sparsely@28 September 2003 - 12:03
    Hey, that looks like MY hand on your ass Wizzandabe!
    I think you may be right. Looks like it.

    You can now play Vice City online with other people.

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    Yes, but which program are you referring to that lets you do that, and where can we get it from. I'm aware of multitheftauto and gta tournament, but "Vice city online" ???

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    Username = vice
    Password = city

    FTP will be on for 1hour.

    I think this is the same then as what you heard of.

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    20 min left.

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    lol, ive got vice city, but i dont think that m.p wuld be that good, i can see it now, 100's of Tommy Vercettis on the steerts with tons of miniguns and cars all shootin at each other getting mixed up if yer shootin yer mate or yer enemy...

    That'll be a laugh..

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    Vice city online would kick ass.
    I hope it would have a character selection screen before the matches similare to Army Ops where u choose your weapon.. (so everyone does get the 203 nader... i.e so everyone doesnt get Tommy).
    Take advantage of that character mod cheat that makes tommy into like the other chars.

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    how well do these multiplayer addons play on 56k?

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