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Thread: File Sizes

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    If a file has the same size(exact) and is titled to be the same but has a different ending, is it the same file?

    I ask this becuase alot of the verified i download have the same name and size as those i find is search but the ending is ussualy different, is summone just switching the endings or do they both work,or is it somthing else?
    any one have any ideas?

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    i think some people just like to change the extensions to confuse people - the same filename and size doesn't seem like a coincidence thing
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    yes, the extension's probably been changed.
    but not to simply confuse people.
    .bin's will be sorted by Kazaa into the "Other" category. So if a user searches for title by selecting "Software"
    they won't find it...
    further validation of the truth of my sig. ...
    anyway, yeah, they're probably both the same. If you try to run the .exe one you'll get
    a "program too big for memory" error...

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    some people really change it.
    On the unreal tourney 2003 bins that i got.. they were like UT2k3.sharereactor.bin.exe or somethin.. had to make em .bin
    annoying really


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