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Thread: noting seedbox use in profile

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    I don't see how it is really necessary to post that you use a seedbox in your profile. When they were new perhaps staff would've been suspicious and a note in your profile would explain it quickly, but there are probably no staff members who are totally ignorant of why their is another ip seeding at 100mbit speeds on your account.

    Maybe I'm skeptical in viewing this as an odd way to brag. But many of the recent signups at FTN have USING TWO SEEDBOXES in their profile. Given the number of seedboxers on site, it isn't like another OVH peer will raise red flags. I'm pretty sure FTN staffers are aware that a huge chunk of their userbase uses seedboxes, sometimes even sharing them.

    I'm sure some people are genuinely interested in avoiding a ban, but shirley there are some braggadacios amongst us. Especially the folks who post their seedbox top speeds and have uploaded 1TB in their first week and made sure to get a spiffy new avatar with the site logo.

    What are your thoughts? Are you a seedboxer with notes in their profile? Is it necessary? Is it bragging?

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    well it's a precaution against getting disabled for 'cheating'. As for why a member other than uploader would ever need 2 seedboxes, that's a whole other story...
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    From my experience 'I have a seedbox...' in your profile does absolutely nothing for a user.

    In almost as many cases that a user does this legitimately, there's a user who does it to try and fool the staff when they're using a ratio/cheat program.

    I've almost become accustomed to suspecting users who actually write "My seedbox IP is" in their profile. If you've got a legitimate server then the Staff can obviously see this and don't need you to tell them.

    I'd like to think Staff on other sites are from the 21st Century too and don't have to trust user profiles as to whether a user is really using a server or not.

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    Some people like to be safe and make sure staff know about it. Others like to think they're 1337 when other people check out their profile. While others are trying to trick you into thinking their decent speeds from their crappy home connection are a seedbox.

    Whatever the motive it makes no difference seedboxes are easy to spot.

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    don't know where
    Well know staff members already told and ...
    There is no need to write "i haz a SEEDBOOX" like put this to staff members eyes(cuz they also can see your peer and login ip adresses and easily to decide if you are on a box or not)...
    This wont be a problem on ScT or many similar tracker but bitme/bitmetv...
    About bitme/bitmetv main reason should be both these trackers dont allow the anonymize(so if you gonna use your seedbox as proxy server as well, you need to inform them.)
    On the other hand never forget this a box never prove you as a Good member! So when you got banned about any reason stop the say "i haz a SEEDBOOX" i am good member on irc channel...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrueSounds View Post
    well it's a precaution against getting disabled for 'cheating'. As for why a member other than uploader would ever need 2 seedboxes, that's a whole other story...
    2 seedboxes without being an uploader on a no ratio site..
    The reason i joined it was that i will never need a seedbox to buffer it up..and its certainly been that way for me. (I love downloading their content through my home connection without worrying about my "ratio", but still manage to hit a minimum ethical ratio as seedboxers soon jump on to newer files which offer more potential buffer, and thats when i start uploading to other guys with lower speeds.)
    Maybe epenis issue is something that forces some guys to use 2 seedboxes. Its all about getting laid with Megan doubt about that!

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    last year revtt staff pm'd me wanting a speedtest proof, even though I had the seedbox disclaimer in my profile.

    the IP I was seeding from was obviously from a hosting company, it only takes a reverse IP lookup to determine that.

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    Occasionally I'll borrow a slot from a friend...thx to the my wonderful isp caps. I usually just send off a pm to an admin with the ip and a note explaining. Also make a note in my profile just in matter what the rules are.
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    You can see those notes at other places aswell. Personally I would have never written anything in my profile if I wasn't disabled atBitmeTV a while ago for using a seedbox there. The guys in IRC suggested that I put it in my profile, so from then on I do whenever I use a box.

    2 seedboxes? Well, I'll say this: Don't hate, congragulate! And start leeching from them, lol.

    Their epenis concern=your faster downloads.
    I'm back. The downside is that I'm also old now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lysine View Post
    last year revtt staff pm'd me wanting a speedtest proof
    I lol'd

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