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Thread: Req: How to Request an item on IRC for dummy?

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    So I read about EFNET a few days ago and I am trying to learn how to request from IRC.

    I understand that to request an item, I need to go to a IRC forum of the specific group and then type in the command and pray that someone will fill it.

    But I don't know how to get to that forum and where to get the syntax for the commands. Here is what I have done so far. I downloaded and installed Pidgin. Go into the menu set up an account. Choose IRC from the drop down menu. It asks for a server, a username, a password, so I am stuck there.

    Let's say I want to request the movie "Boo" from the group alt.binaries.hdtv.x264. How can I do that?

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    It's your lucky day, I actually wrote a guide on this. Go to

    I shall be updating it soon too, got some extra commands to cover and stuff.
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    Good Tutorial, I've had many a happy time on irc especially trying to get a human to talk like a human and not like a robot on acid when requesting for a file. This usually involved being pointed to 3-4 other websites and an hour later tapping my request out to irc then to be banned for an hour then told i hadn't requested the correct number of PARS.
    But when you don't come across the odd jackass who has a hitler complex and wants to help,Its a pleasure to be part of.
    Don't let me put you off but be warned they don't like people asking questions that to them are stupid like, How do you do this or that.
    I pop onto IRC now and again, Efnet as well , I've lived on and off there for over 9 yrs but be warned, Don't accept files sent to you that you haven't requested as they are either rootkits or some other goodies the kids want to infect your PC with.
    When you have requested a file you will get an ID, take this here
    and you will see how the file is doing,if its being filled etc or ignored
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