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Thread: is it any good?

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    I was searching around for a decent usenet provider and I saw 250+ days retention THIRTY connections, SSL, no speed caps (at least if I'm reading the site correctly). It sounds wonderful, all for $12.50/month or $100/year for unlimited service. Is it too good to be true? Has anyone used this or does anyone know anything about this service? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Usenet Monster is a reseller of So is UsenetNow costs less than Usenet Monster ($12/mo or $30.50 for 3 months unlimited/SSL/20 conns)

    So if for some reason you want a service with Readnews as backend, I'd suggest UsenetNow.

    Did you also weigh Usenet Monster against Astraweb's $11/month special?

    about connections:
    it seems some people might think that if having a few connections is good, then more MUST be better. But more connections also mean more overhead, and having too many can even degrade speed. It's best to use the least number of connections that will top-out your line. I'd say that under normal conditions, very few people need more than about 8 or 10 connections. So I don't consider Usenet Monster's 30 connections to be a significant feature.
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