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Thread: rapidshare premium??

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    how can i get a premium membership on rapidshare?? is there some way to cheat so you can use it ?

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    in your sWaRm

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    Yeah , steal a credit card and then buy it

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    Hi, USDownloader is also a great software.

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    The two mentioned softwares work wonderfully, but still have to comply with RS's 15 minute wait in between large file downloads. Hence, it may also be an idea to use IP changing software (or whatever tactic you prefer).

    There are also some hack forums which give out RS accounts; some last days, others for months, but I shan't mention any URLs as I believe them to have dubious origins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TONiC View Post
    but still have to comply with RS's 15 minute wait in between large file downloads.
    Also, you get timeouts during the transfer all the time, low priority on the network, throttled/limited to be more precise.

    It's possible to generate rapid points for yourself, however that's very inefficient. There is no ultimate way to get free premium accounts.

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    I tried always to get a free RS account,even tried every so called username/password given out on forums to try.None worked.In the end the only way to get full membership is to buy it.I spent i think something like £50 for a years use.But in the long run it is the best thing i have done.The movies i have downloaded,some quite rare and obscure,which if i had tried to buy them legitimately would of cost a whole lot more than £50.Treat yourself and subscribe,it is worth it in the end.As i said i must have downloaded over 100 films so far,all old hard to find things too.

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    Make an collectors account and upload loads of porn usually goes rather quick to build up 10.000 points to make an 1 month account

    But its worth the lousy $ it costs!

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    Rapidshare just got fined a few mil $. Don't bother.

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    Rapdishare got fined into submission to proactively filter files and become snitches. Steer clear imo.

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