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Thread: need seedbox

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    windows 2003 web edition

    hdd space more than 100gb

    100mbps unmetered server (single user)

    Budget 60$

    pm me if anyone provide the following specification . urgently needed

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    A dedicated, unmetered Windows server, even with a 5GB drive will surely be more than $60 a month. Good luck with that. A Windows server is going to have licensing fees and will be close to $60 on its own. Maybe a small bandwidth server you could find that but not unmetered 100mbit.

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    ^^ with Mike...

    I guess when you can up the budget to around $70, you can get a KimSufi XL with Web 2008 installed.

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    The cheapest kimsufi-box with windows 2003 web is 125 euros (tax included) for 3 months (windows = 15/month) (250gb HDD, 1gb ram, dedicated machine, 100/100 connection). Question is if they sell this where you live.


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