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Thread: "feel Good Lies" - No Angels (videoclip) ?

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    I'm searching for the videoclip "Feel Good Lies" by the 'No Angels' .

    Who has it?? I can't find it by KaZaA !!
    thx for your answer..


    (my english isn't very well, 'cause i'm from germany)

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    first I am sorry not being able to tell you where you can find this videoclip :(
    the second thing I want to mention is that you posted this question in
    "Filesharing" category. That is not wrong, I do not want to judge, but there is
    also a category called music... and videos... :) If you try it there, more people
    would answer to it successfully :)

    thanks anyway, david.

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    Ah, No Angels, they're the German Popstars winners aren't they? I saw them on satellite TV last year. I think their songs are good.
    We have shows like Popstars and Pop Idol here in the UK as well.
    I will try and search for the clips.

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