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Thread: very inactive for some months.. now i want a "comeback"...

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    hey guys...

    some months ago i (maybe a year? ..) i down- and upload a lot about BT...

    i had accounts on RevTT;ST;STmusic,FTS (and demonoid xP )
    but they are all "closed" because i not logged in for yes maybe a year xD ... (only demonoid acc. exists atm..)

    But now i want "comeback"... but this time i really only want load music..
    and so i search a good music tracker which is in your mind "safe", so not really open register and so on.. like demonoid sometimes.. xP

    i only know waffles und what.. but i dont think that i can get a registrtation code for them... xD ( =( )

    but maybe out there in the world wide web is a new GOOD music tracker.. ( i like rap, R&B, classic, rock, a lot of songs.. main stream.. xD but not really "punk rock" or so... )

    So can you help me with this "problem" ?

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    If ST Is SuperTorrents then It will be gone, they prune accounts that have beeb Inactive for more than a month or 2.
    STMusic does the same

    But RevTT disabled accounts that have Inactive, but you can try there IRC to get your account back.
    I know that's what happened to my account at RevTT I got It back when I was Inactive for a period of time, but you said In your post It maybe a year.
    But I don't know how long they keep them In there database.

    Goodluck with RevTT.
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    See below
    Why have you been gone for a while?


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