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Thread: i want to know why u r aggresive

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    i know yes i made 2 threads one that the tracker will be back

    if u have a little brain instead attacking members here ..........

    the site first when u open the url of the traker it was not opening
    and it says the page cannot be displayed

    and when i wrote the thread there was a change the url when u open it the site will be back soon this mean that it will be back within minutes or hours

    i was having exams and i wasnt sure that i will be free to make the second thread so i wanted every one to know that the site will be back

    but i found that some members here dont deserves to till them this info thats all and some ....... (hi u discovered blue font) and other stupid posts where here
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    I just cant stop laughing.
    This is Bittorent forum section maty. You post should go here

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    For fucks sake, you're not the centre of the universe. Stop posting so huge and stop creating pointless threads like this one. If anything post this in the related thread you made that wasn't locked, or in the lounge.
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