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Thread: Online Games

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    could some one tell some fps games that work online like on gamespy or somthing of that nature thanks in advance

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    are there any more games

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    soldier of fortune 2 rip works

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    Rouge Spear works on gamespy if you can find it

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    Medal of Honor:AA, Iron Storm, and Project Eden are some more that work on Gamespy.

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    CounterStrike and many halflife mods(The Specialist, Natural Selection, ect...)

    also if u plan on going big try Planetside

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    wtf dont u ahve to pay for planetside...? or was that planetscape
    oh man cant remember

    and gamespy is pretty cool if it can play games online that u download

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    U can play the "new" MOH Breakthru on gamespy but not all servers!
    Also you can play it on "the All Seeing Eye" which I actually prefer but again not all servers let you on!

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