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Thread: What kind of speed are you getting?

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    I am downloading an xbox360 game that is about 7.8gigs and it took about an hour and half. It is averaging about 1800 KB/s.

    Is this a decent speed? Anyone have an ISP in the states that gets better?

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    i get 3.8 megs a sec in the daytime, and 4.0 at night.
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    That's excellent speed. You probably won't find much higher bandwidth unless you go optic fiber or pay for business service.

    A lot depends on where you live. High-density population centers like New York City and San Francisco have always had some of the fastest internet available in the country, and for a cheap price. And then the people who live in the rural backcountry rarely get anything better than dialup.

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    i get about 25mbps but now my ISP is offering 50mbps but its 120$ monthly so ill wait till they drop the price.

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    im on 20mbit and it always maxes out.

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    I have 30mbit broadband and astraweb maxed it out all the time. (europe)

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    well i have 50 kb/s free wireless connection

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ice10UFO View Post
    well i have 50 kb/s free wireless connection
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    ~14Mbps unlimited
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    nice speeds. i have a 5mb connection with charter in socal but my downloads are only about 500k/sec. any clues or advice?

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