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Thread: MMA [Bobby Lashley]

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    The guy is 4-0. I'll admit, his first three fights were against..............well.......scrub fighters. Now Bob Sapp, not bad but not a great one either, had size and strength on his side, but the smaller Lashley stopped Sapp in the first round. My question is, do you guys think he is a real deal or playing fighting? If he is a legit fighter, why has he made 2 appearances at TNA? Why doesn't he fight real men like Fedor?

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    HaHa Bobo sapp is useless,Hes a punchbag nothing more,Look at sapp vs crocop The guy just destroyed him and broke his orbital bone in that fight,Lashley is another story,He's another possible lesnar but with a bit more experience,I like lashley more than i do lesnar.
    As you say lashley vs fedor...mmmm that won't happen any time soon as they are in different classes,Fedor is the king of mma at the moment and Lashley is the new kid on the block,I'll say 1 thing though about that weight class,I really want MIR to beat Lesnar in UFC 100.
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    I'm sorry, why is this posted in the Sports section?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8khan8 View Post
    I'm sorry, why is this posted in the Sports section?

    Because MMA is a sport obviously.

    Do you not consider boxing a sport?

    The FST group

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    Because he made two appearences on TNA his abilities are nullified? I wonder what his three time WWE championships do to him?

    Lets ask Brock Lesnar what effects his time in the WWE did to his abilities...

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    bobby lashley's handler have made it known they have no rush to get him into the ufc. they want him to get more experienced before he fights big names, which i think is a great strategy for him. wish him the best

    and bob sapp sucks

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    Bob sapp really sucks...but Lashley is a real fighter. Lets see what happens in the future.

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    bobby lashely is going to be nothing special.

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    sapp quits too fast . He gave a tough fight to nogueira though but on k-1 and some mma matches he fights like the biggest noob.
    Fedor is the best no doubts. Does anyone know if the oponnent for his next fight is already decided? fucking barnett and his steroids -,.-.
    About lashley who knows, is too soon to say anything, but seems that with his big arms he miight be effective with submissions(off course he needs some ability too to be able to do it), but he might have troubles in stand up punches/kicks exchanges. He will probably be a guy like lesnar, some good atributtes but lot of flaws, so in a fighting sport they'll end losing a big share of the fights they do, not like fedor that is machine xD, pure strenght not a body made by steroids and bodybuilders diets.
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    Bobby Lashley is no Brock Lesnar.

    Bob has an amateur wrestling background but it's not as prolific as Brock's.

    Lesnar trained in MMA for a significant amount of time before he began fighting. Lashley did not. This might explain why he's fighting scrubs instead of high calibre opponents.

    Brock has flaws but his size, cardio, and wrestling skill have compensated well for his shortcomings in other areas (namely sub and striking defense). Lashley has yet to fight a decent enough opponent to show anything so as to determine if he could really be a force in MMA.

    BTW, Fedor would destroy Lashley at this point in his career. Brock would likely do the same.

    Quote Originally Posted by esco123 View Post
    bobby lashely is going to be nothing special.
    He's there already.

    Question is, will he move on to "something better than nothing special"?
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