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Thread: I Have Question?

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    i always download risk II and worms from kazaa light and they are not working and my question is how can i get these games?

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    well, i usually dont trust KaZaa for games and stuff cuz they get corrupted. Give us a little more information about teh two games, are they rips, bin/cue, iso?

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    how can i get them

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    i don't download games from kazaa anymore. i usually use emule and bittorent, heres how u get these games (risk 2):

    download the bittorent client by going here:

    now go install it, after you install it, go to or

    click on games at the top right of the page, then scroll down to the pc games section, and then keep scrolling down (the games are in alphabetical order) until you find risk 2 or whatever you're looking for, click on the game and click on the "open" button when u get that pop up that says file download. and then let bittorrent download it. hope this helped.

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