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Thread: Need Help With Mpeg2/svcd Plugin For Nero

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    I have dowloaded alot of diferent MPEG2/SVCD plugins
    but can`t get any to work

    I always get the download from Nero message

    Please help

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    do u have bittorrent, get it, has it under appz section...i like it and it works

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    the Mpeg2 plugin sucks

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    I have it hold on while i upload it to my site.

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    Thank you
    Shad0w Hacker

    But i still get :

    Due to patent license restrictions, MPEG2 encoding/converting is not available.

    To add this feature, please purchase the DVD-video at Nero.....

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    why the hell would you want nero to do the encoding?
    nero sucks at encoding
    use tmpgenc or mainconcept or cce
    but nero, dame dude thats the worest

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    Sorry if i have upset you muchspl2

    but i`m new to this

    still learning

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    no, I was jus tsad to here you were so dead set at using nero to encode
    nero is a great burning program imho the best, but @ encoding it really does a shitty to piss poor job
    tmpg or Tmpgenc (the real name) is the best all around
    you can get it in my sig or on kazza, even google for a trail
    pretty strait foward

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