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Thread: Problems with x264 downloads

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    I used to use download x264 torrents with no problem, but since I started using usenet, certain files do not play well on my system. I am currently using Astraweb and Alt.Binz. The files are not in the correct aspect ratio, and the audio is out of sync with the video. Is there anything I can do to fix these files, or is it a problem with the encode? Please give me any help you can.

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    I had been with usenet for 3 more years and I'd no problem with nearly all of the x264 files I download esp from a.b.hdtv.x264.I don't think your problem had anything to do with the newsreader or ISP server. It was most likely related to your video or audio setup in your HTPC.I also think here is not an appropriate site for discussing this. Or maybe,you can post the name of files with problem.

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    Could you specify the release and the poster? As tufu1019 said it's probably your HTPC which is at fault not the NGP or your Usenet client.
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    where are you downloading the from? also try updating your codecs! i use cccp
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