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Thread: New Pc

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    after a tradgic loss of my good ol 600mhz emachines, i had to part and relze its time for a new one...ive decided on building me one...

    i want a pc for....
    downloading movies (of course)
    watchin em on tv-out
    a little bit of gamin, like postal and testin new games
    space needs to be watchd alittle

    i have a budgit of bout $1200US

    and of course, lots and lots of room in tower for mods and add-ons

    ty u all

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    What exactly are you asking for? Do you want a place were u can find cheap parts, or are you just telling us about what you plan to do?

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    with that much $, u can get a real nice pc. 240 gigs and a radeon 9800 or fx 5900 for sure. but if the 1200 is for pc and monitor, especially a flatpanel, then u have to cut back on some parts

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    I have a ATI Radeon 9500 Pro.. I say it's an ultimate gameing card... Ultimate TV output (supports output to Moniter, TV, YPbPr,and FPD)... With a 8 pixel pipeline+128mb video memory.. this also makes animation rendering in programs like maya even faster. It's benchmark score is 3-4 times higher than the one for Nvidia Geforce FX 5200 128mb. One of the most populare graphics cards on (good price.. good speed.. good deal)

    For video output: ATI Wonder Remote Edition or VE (lil cheaper.. but i use it, the qual is alright.)

    Hopefully your TV already has S-video.. am i right? Not to worry.. the 9500 pro card comes with extra little converters: S-Video-2-Video (yellow) DVI-2-Moniter (i guess for 2 comp moniter output).

    Make sure you get a fresh strong RCA cord.. (dont worry about gettin the s-video cord.... 9500 pro card also includes one)

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    ya guys, just waere to get cheap good parts...

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