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Thread: A doubt about seedbox, please help

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    Dude, One thing I wanted to ask,

    Can I also download the data back to my comp that has been downed to the seedbox via private tracker via some other protocol like ftp,

    without hitting my download (ratio) and even providing me quite highh speed....

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    Pretty much. (If you have access to FTP on the server ofc)

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    you can if u setup a webserver and then a script to list your dirs and then direkt download them from the server. its the best way to get files easy. u shud install PHP+mysql+apache or a distro that brings it together, like MAMP for linux. you must also know how to install it in linux off course.

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    Install Cute FTP or some FTP client .. Then u can access your seedbox using the FTP client and download

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    Yep, CuteFTP (client installed on your home machine) will open multiple connections and maximize the download speeds from your seedbox to your home machine. I personally don't like HTTP download, and have always found it horribly slow. But sometimes FTP is unavailable for some reason.

    When you talk about download (ratio), are you talking about your seedbox server's bandwidth restrictions or your tracker ratio?
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    I think he's talking about his ISP limitation. Then the answer is no.

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    To be clear, anything you download via FTP will count as bandwidth to both the seedbox and your home internet, but will not count against the ratio on your trackers.

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    should also add, the download speed to your home connection via ftp is still based on what your isp limits you too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Degenx View Post
    should also add, the download speed to your home connection via ftp is still based on what your isp limits you too
    And/or the speeds your seedrig is managing at that moment... Forget about using your home 20Mbit-connection to the fullest if your rig is seeding close to 11MB/s (unless you have out-of-bound VLAN and/or protocol-preferences).


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