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Thread: I Have A 1000 Bucks

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    I want a laptop comp or a desktop dun need printer cuz if uguys rememger my last topic i juss got a cannon i860.

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    O yah im not that tech savy so plz dun make me like order separate parts and put together and stuff

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    Originally posted by Secret Squirrel@29 September 2003 - 00:39
    O yah im not that tech savy so plz dun make me like order separate parts and put together and stuff
    So you want a pre-built? like a dell or something? Well inorder to fit you price you are gonna need to tell us what currency, I assume since you did not say that you are an American.

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    Well if your not sure if you want a laptop vs. a desktop then I think that needs to be decided first.

    My thinking is that if either one is ok with you then get a desktop. You can get a lot more power for your money with a desktop.

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    Somebody is right (as usual, eh?), you could get a much more powerful desktop for 1000 bucks. However, the most important limiting factor is the amount of computer knowhow you have.

    If you have reasonable computer knowhow, the best price/performance is available in the mid "2000+" AMD sector. I think you can get a Barton 2500+ for like $89 US.

    If you know nothing about computers, then your best bet is a Dell. Take a look at their refurbished site first, then search the internet for coupon codes.

    Good luck.

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    fuck dell, if u wanna get a prebuild computer get an HP

    proud to be american

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    I tell everyone I know to stay AWAY from HP's, unless they're buying a laser printer.
    Compaqs too, now.

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    i would say get a DELL i donno if u can get an AMD processer in a dell

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    Originally posted by Secret Squirrel@28 September 2003 - 22:39
    O yah im not that tech savy so plz dun make me like order separate parts and put together and stuff

    As I don't know where you live, I'll just have to make a few assumptions.

    Most larger cities have small, independent computer shops who will be glad to custom build a computer for you. My local shop charges $60 to assemble a PC and install the OS. They were upfront about what components they were price competitive on and directed me to other sources for cheaper deals on certain parts. Even though I assembled my machine myself they were quite free with their time and advice.
    As evidenced by every topic in the forum, people will have different opinions about every aspect of the machine.
    AMD or Intel?
    ATI or nVidia?
    Seagate or Maxtor?
    If you do a bit of research and talk to some people you can get quite a nice machine for your $1000.
    Nearly everyone I spoke to mentioned the "sweet spot", the point where performance and price converged. Buying the absolute top-of-the-line is just not price pay a lot more for only a bit better performance, specifically when you're talking CPUs. Get a good motherboard which will support future upgrades and maybe the second or third from the top chip. As progress marches on, todays best chip becomes tomorrows price leader.
    Look for sales on components. It's a cutthroat retail world out there and the consumer can really benefit. My WD 160GB HDDs were on sale for $99 each.

    Decide what you want the comp to do and you'll be fine.
    "I am the one who knocks."- Heisenberg

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    Originally posted by Jay@29 September 2003 - 09:03
    fuck dell, if u wanna get a prebuild computer get an HP
    Don't know where your opinion is based on? So guess it's taste... well those are different.
    Don't go using HP/compaq unless you use your pc just for office automation (Word/excell i.e.)
    Dell is a decent buy imo have had a few big orders with them (between 50-200 machines at the time) hardly any problems. Btw same goes for the HP/Compaq stuff. But....

    What i should do if i was you, reading you have hardly any PC knowledge (hardware..&#33 I think you should go to a local shop. Just check if you think the people there are reliable. Buy there and make sure you get good warranty.
    Most of the times you'll be able to configure a machine by components and if the shop is any good they will help you buy/build one that fit your needs and your budget! B) Big advantage is that if there is something wrong with it those people are able to help you out..!

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