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    Find it yourself :p
    Hey everybody...
    I'd like to request an invite to REVTT

    *The Reasons I want the invitation:
    1.I've heard nothing but compliments about the contents of this tracker, as a matter of fact I've seen them once myself through one of my friends' account (unfortunately he didn't have an invite to spare ) & quite frankly there's great stuff there..
    2.The SSL encryption browsing option which provides more security & helps me download more torrents especially that my ISP only allows a limited amount of P2P traffic but using the SSL feature helps me bypass that limit(I use it on TB)..
    3.I want a tracker with the same CONTENT level as TL & IPT...this will help me cross seed between these trackers to mentain a decent ratio & help me buffer my accounts especially with my crappy internet speed..

    *Notes to be taken into consideration:
    1.I'm not a torrenting n00b..
    2.I'm not a trader, never was & never fact I'm againist trading(torrenting is about sharing not benifiting)..
    3.I'm definitly not a collector...I read reviews & search for as much info as I can before I even think about joining a tracker...that's why I only have accounts on 6 trackers..
    4.I've never been banned or even warned on a tracker before..
    5.I never care about the "level" of the tracker, I only care about the contents..
    6.Sry 4 being inactive on final exams started about a week or so after I joined & I just finished last week ..
    7.I'm a bit paranoid, so I won't post many ratio proofs in public because this may jeopredise my accounts or some fool might steel these screen shots & use'em 4 himself..
    here's one screen shot 4 now: CLICK HERE!
    more can be PMed upon request...
    8.This's my current speedtest: CLICK HERE!

    *So sry 4 such a long request but it was the best I could think of 2 prove my trustworthiness.
    *thnx in advance 4 considering my request!


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    May 2009
    Find it yourself :p
    I guess it's time 4 a bump....


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