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Thread: PSP Go's CPU Still 333MHz, 480MHz References USB Only

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    PSP Go's CPU Still 333MHz, 480MHz References USB Only
    July 6, 2009 9:00am

    " Despite a previous report over the weekend (based on a misinterpreted FCC document), today Engadget's Web site has confirmed via SCE that PSP Go's CPU is still 333MHz, and that the 480MHz spec pertains to the USB only.

    To quote: Our friends at Engadget Japan have gotten in contact with Sony Computer Entertainment and been informed that the Maximum clock frequency mentioned here is for the USB device, not the CPU.

    Translated roughly from their Japanese site: Recently published "PSP go up the clock" for correction. FCC Documents submitted to the FCC "Max Clock: 480MHz" and the description, it has been up to 333MHz (CPU) 480MHz clock may be used in a compatible and can not think if you get on the conventional model.

    SCE on 480MHz said: "The whole unit," the clock shows the maximum, in this case is that the clock of the USB device. Main processor for the PSP 1000 / 2000 / 3000 and 1 ~ 333MHz remain unchanged.

    Thus, there is no inventory risk and begin to appear PSP go for high clock-only apps, you do media browser etc I might have been quick to predict the collapse of the ground. We apologize for the correction overeager. "

    Source: PS3 NEWS - PSP Go's CPU Still 333MHz, 480MHz References USB Only | Engadget (Foreign Language) - PSP Go's CPU Still 333MHz, 480MHz References USB Only

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    English translation to follow...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynx View Post
    English translation to follow...
    Was thinking the same.
    Reminds me of:

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    I knew something would be wrong... a new PSP-build with a 480Mhz processor? I thought so as much...


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