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Thread: system hangs

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    When ever i open my ms-word or ms-excel files and go to print or press ctrl+p, every thing gets hang & when i open outlook express the same problem happens, i have scanned for viruses through kaspersky internet security but no viruses were found. i am using windows xp pro with sp2 and & office 2003.

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    Have you done a WinUpdate lately , I can see you have SP2 not SP3 so try updating Office thru the Windows site .

    Next thing I would do is run a program like Ccleaner making sure to check the Office 2003 box . If that does work try reinstalling Office .

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    try checking your taskmanager when doing those things to see if anything is eating up cpu or ram.
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    Definitely do what 'peat moss' said first. If that doesn't work, however, try reinstalling Microsoft Office. Then, if that doesn't work, do what 'reese' said about the task manager.

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    My system hangs sometimes when i work on internet and open so many websites and simultaneously work on ms-office. Why it happens? Plz help me.
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    you might also want to try running a chkdsk on your drives as it could possibly be a disk error, and if you havent defragged in a while it might a good idea too.


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