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    I ordered black box 1 month ago and i never recieved any details even if i sent many messages , they never replied to me and i never recived my money back! Someone else with the same problem? NEVER , NEVER BUY A SERVICE FROM THEM !!!! They stole your money and thats it !!!
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    be ware,they are shit

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    yep, I tried them, they suck.

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    well, i think if you made a payment through paypal, could you file a dispute?

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    The same thing happened to me: I ordered an 8$ superbox last month. I received the login and password to log into the account manager but it didn't work. I sent them an email but got no answer.
    AlexM is right, they steal your money.

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    I've worked for biohost and I think both of you are actually at fault. One I recall we changed all emails saying do not ever send a reply to the ** address, also I believe you would've been told about the #1 biggest problem they face, people change there password in torrentflux and then keep trying to login to FTP with new password and then there IP ends up in a ban filter. You need to understand this is a good and bad thing, would you rather have your server hacked or secured?

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    I heard they closed down and there has been complaints about them.

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    i had the 4$ box for a month about a half year ago. didn't get my login info the first 6 hours, so i sent a message and got the answer that it would take up to 24 hours.
    i got the login info, so no problems. the torrentflux ui could be very slow, and sometimes i couldn't connect to the seedbox for 12+ hours, but the speed was fine for me, something like 8000kb/s when max or else around 2-3000kb/s

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    I have the service and it was great until a week ago
    I can log into my account (for emails and support) but can't log into FTP or Torrenflux. so can't get to my files or seed.

    the speeds are great super fast but they won't respond to my support tickets and its been 7 days with no service and 3 days since i sent the ticket with no response.

    what the F is up Mike ? I spent a lot of money

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    Biohost is crap.. Never worth it.. oversell, slow speed

    up time 99.9% which is suppose to be 50%

    Never but from them

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