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Thread: Geforce Fx5200

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    I have a chance to get the above named graphics card second hand(mint condition) for 30, atm i am using onboard graphics, and i can only get about 25-30 fps in counter strike, on a good day.

    CS is the only game i ever play, would this be a good card for me to get for the money, please keep in mind that i CANNOT spend any more than 30 on a card so brand new is not an option, and i dont really like Ebay.

    Will it work well with counter-strike in open gl mode at 1024x768? What sort of FPS should i expect?

    Im running amd athlon 1800 xp
    384 MB RAM and
    windows xp home

    I dont think anything else is relavent, thanks in advance.

    Oh also, if anyone has this card and plays cs could they possibly take a few screenshots and send me them by e-mail or msn or something, i would really appreciate that, cheers.

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    well worth the money, you can expect 40fps full load and options all hiked up, buy it, the concept of onboard graphics is completely obsolete

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    sumone hit my car today, it was just a BUMP

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    Originally posted by miccheck1516@29 September 2003 - 20:38
    sumone hit my car today, it was just a BUMP
    off topic, but ok.

    i have a gforce fx 5200. works great with jedi academy with everything set on high, and it works great on halo too. with some things set on medium. great overall for the price i paid. 30 pounds is not so bad


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